Claydite Technology


The material, which is based on our technology, is expanded clay (leca). It is a lightweight construction material, created from fine clay at temperatures at around 1200 ° C. The production process involves the storage of material directly after extraction. Then followed by fragmentation and mixing with water. Do not apply any extra additives.
In the process of burning, a material is obtained in circular porous solid “balls”, covered with a hard ceramic coating in a red-brown color. In the process of producing expanded clay (leca) a waste product is not produced. After sorting, the material is available in different fractions, which eventually allows us to prepare the best procedures.
The resulting component is non-combustible, chemically inert, resistant to water and deterioration from fungi and rodents as well as providing very good thermal insulation.
This technology is due to a very high quality of building materials (expanded clay) and is about two times more expensive than a traditional (brick) method of erecting buildings, in spite of this, due to the fact that it is a repetitive structure, we are able to offer it to you with a very attractive price.

Our walls:

  • Consist of 75% expanded clay, 15% sand and 10% cement, which only serves as a binder,
  • Have a perfectly smooth surface, which can not be plastered. Walls only need one finishing coat,
  • Allow for, after installation, the immediate ability to proceed to further work,
  • Consist of balls of clay which provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation that creates an atmosphere characteristic of a brick building,
  • Have a 50-year guaranty.

The advantages and benefits of our ceramic houses:

  • Rate of building house – the greatest asset of this solution structure, investors after a decision in a very short time may live in their own house,
  • Minimize “wet stages of construction” – no need of bricklaying and plastering walls due to their smooth surface,
  • Cabling of the walls – the walls cabled and have channels for water pipes. – at the stage of their production,
  • Excellent thermal insulation – a very large accumulation of heat by ceramic walls that causes no sudden changes in temperature in the building,
  • Resistance to humidity,
  • Resistance to frost,
  • Resistance to decay from: fungus, nesting insects and rodents,
  • Ideal sound proofing – with the compact structure and connectivity, the walls have a high sound insulation,
  • A resistance to fire – the walls are completely non-flammable.

Ceramic building is a healthy, warm and ecological house.