Our offer

We offer:

A Ceramic House with a floor space of 110 m2, in an unfurnished state.

Gross discount price – 249 000 PLN. (concerns Poland, kujawsko – pomorskie Province)

The house is available in principle in each location. The houses are built on private plots for customers, and we also have great plots around the base of Toruń and Bydgoszcz in Poland.

The Unfurnished House Includes:

  • Finished elevation with wood or stone elements,
  • Windows, window sills, exterior doors and a garage door (If applicable),
  • Electrical installation,
  • Installation of plumbing and water heating technology,
  • Alarm systems (Without sensors and sirens),
  • Installation of central vacuum cleaner (no suction unit),
  • Installation of cables that are prepared for intelligent solutions,
  • Concrete floors ready for the installation of a finished floor,
  • A complete roof,
  • Outdoor paving,
  • Electrical outlet on the outside – the external power supply installations – the entrance gate, lighting, etc.

The unfurnished house does not include:

  • A boiler,
  • Interior doors,
  • Tiling,
  • White assembly, (bathtub, sink, etc.)
  • Finished floors (panels, parquet, etc.)

Price: 249 000zł – (Gross price) (concern Poland kujawsko –pomorskie province)